Welcome to the North Carolina Local Section of the American Chemical Society.

We are a scientific society dedicated to supporting scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry. Our section was founded in 1896 and is the oldest section in the South. Our founding fathers recognized the importance of being a resource to our community, supporting the advancement of chemistry and the importance of involvement at the local level. Our membership is diverse with an opportunity to connect no matter where you are in your career.

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The North Carolina Local Section received a grant from ACS for a strategic plan in November 2021. The Executive Committee determined that a strategic plan was necessary to support growth in member involvement, provide context and harmonize our mission and vision with the ACS’ mission, vision, and strategic initiatives, and support the planning of SERMAC 2023.

Strategic planning is important to document our strengths and opportunities. The strategic planning process will provide an opportunity to develop goals and targets pertaining to growing education and joint partnerships across academia and industry and growing membership in continued recognition of diversity and inclusion. It will also provide the opportunity to document our challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

The planning process consists of a member survey and then virtual sessions with 10-12 members over a 2-week period in September 2022. It is important to participate in the member survey.

Award for Excellence in High School Science Teaching

Congratulations to Fall 2021 Award for Excellence in High School Teaching recipients -

Katherine Nock - Heritage High School

Timothy Anglin - North Carolina School of Science and Math

2021 Volunteers - We Appreciate You!

Local Section volunteers for 2021 were appreciated recently with an enjoyable dinner and great company at Kipos Greek Taverna in Chapel Hill.

Volunteer opportunities are available in 2022:

Outstanding Local Section YCC for 2021

Congratulations to our amazing Younger Chemists Committee, chaired by, Allison Smith!

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Oct 25-28

What better place to celebrate the creativity of Chemistry than with the North Carolina ACS!

For more information or to volunteer, email sermacs2023info@gmail.com

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Calls for Volunteers

  • The following committees are looking for additional local members:

    • Younger Chemist Committee (YCC)

    • Womens Chemist Committee (WCC)

    • Senior Chemists (SCC)