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Subscription groups:

  • ncacs ... (for the general membership and for non members interested in activities of the local section. This list posts job announcements in the chemical sciences as well as announcements about special events sponsored by Local Section academic, government and industrial institutions)

  • ncacs_ycc ... (for the Younger Chemists Committee)

  • ncchemed ... (for high school chemistry teachers or others interested in high school chemistry)

  • ncacs_wcc ... (for the Women Chemists Committee)

  • ncacs_scc ... (for the Senior Chemists Committee)

  • ncacs_ec ... (for the Executive Committee and anyone interested in Local Section governance)

Automatic enrollment:

  • ncacsmembership ... (produced from the list of addresses supplied by the ACS. We request that you not do remove your name because this is the easiest way that the Local Section can contact you about official business. We try not to overuse this list.)

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The types of messages generally approved include:

  1. postings of jobs, usually restricted to the NC Section and immediate surroundings

  2. NC Section ACS discussion group meetings and other local

  3. other announcements that might be of general interest