Strategic Plan




GOAL 1 - DEIR Issues. Embrace and advance DEIR in Chemistry


G1S1: Beginning in 2023, offer one DEI panel discussion/webinar activity, one outreach event, and at least one underrepresented speaker per program per year. [I, M; R, H] Champion: Lokendra

G1S2: Beginning in 2023, require elected ACS members to participate in ACS DEIR training and offer the training to our membership. [I, H; R, L] Champion: Mary Beth

G1S3: Partner with NOBCChe to provide inclusive programming by Dec. 2024. By Dec. 2025, recruit 20% more than current enrollment focusing on underrepresented students and mentors into Project SEED. [I, H; R, H] Champion: Kirsten, Anibal, Omar

GOAL 2 - Member Engagement and Empowerment. Provide a conduit for local members to promote and engage with existing programs and other new programs to advance chemistry.


G2S1: By the end of 2Q 2023, conduct "discovery" discussions with younger, industrial, and underrepresented chemists to create networking opportunities with a focus on aligning partners to identify what we can do better to advance chemistry in NC. [I, H; R, M] Champion: Dawn

G2S2: By the end of 4Q 2024, increase participation in local section programs (YCC, Sr. Chemists, WCC, etc.) by 10% by offering a wide array of plenaries relevant to our membership which have been identified in G2S1. [I, H; R, H]. Crispina

G2S3: By 1Q 2024, use SERMACS advertising strategy to find new ways to advertise and communicate with the chemistry community. By 1Q 2023, add a position that keeps the local section website current and works with the webmaster. [I, H; R, L/M] Champion: Mary Beth

GOAL 3 - Resource to Members & Community. Provide program, development, volunteer, and networking resources in an accessible, relevant manner, which enrich our members and community.


G3S1: By the end of 2024, we will have a calendar of events and resources section on our website that includes volunteer opportunities and relevant industry and university material, which we will track by the number of hits and views. [I, H; R, L/M] Champion: Caroline

G3S2: By early 2024, utilize the “discovery” discussions (G2S1) to create a network of technical experts and have them host annual networking reception and career development events to engage local businesses and academics. [I, H; R, H]. Champion: Hunter, Omar, ...

G3S3: For our local section meeting in 2023, establish a Maurice Bursey award for outstanding first-year volunteers and introduce a plenary talk focused on NC science luminaries. [I, M; R, H] Champion: Omar